The federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires all school districts and schools make available annual report cards to parents and communities that include data on student achievement, school accountability and teacher quality.

We are pleased to share this information with our parents and community and welcome your support and involvement in helping to improve the performance of our students and our schools.

You can access the school report cards via the links below:

Here is a link to the State ESEA Dashboard where you can access our district’s most current state assessment data regarding literacy and math progress.

Why Participation Matters! (A flyer from the Maine Dept. of Education)

Do you need help understanding your child’s scores? The DOE has created a webinar that you can watch here.

“The RSU#3 School District utilizes all assessment data to help inform our practices at the district, school, classroom and individual levels for our students. Although we encourage students and parents to participate fully in our assessment program, it is important to note that parents/guardians may opt their child out of state testing. If you are interested in doing so, please reach out to your child’s principal to make this request in writing.”