Student of the Month


9th:  Brooke Dyer: This student is one of the most conscientious students I have this year. They work hard in class, not just to get the work done, but to do the best job possible. They are part of the student council, they attend all meetings and are willing to do whatever needs to be done. They are a true leader and I have high hopes that they will be a major leader in the school in their 4 years here. The 9th grade student of the month for September is Brooke Dyer

10th: Evan Aspinall: This student is responsible, respectful, and reflective. He is always helpful, even when no one might be watching. He keeps open communication with his teachers when he misses school, and is punctual with turning in work. This student is always striving to be better, His laughter brings joy to the classroom, and he knows how to lift his peers up when they're feeling down. Congratulations to Evan Aspinall!

11thIsabelle Holt: Despite multiple quarantines, this student has not only kept up with her work but excelled at it. If there is anything she doesn't understand, she politely reaches out to ask for clarification. While she's here, she's always respectful, polite, and a hard worker. She is the first student I have ever taught who actually thanks me at the end of every single class. Isabelle Holt exemplifies every core value we strive for at MVHS. Congratulations Isabelle!

12th: Cassondra Heath: This student has been a true leader in the school for the past 4 years. She has been on the student council and has been on the executive board of the Maine Association of Student Councils all 4 years. I have seen her mature and become more self-confident in her leadership. She takes the initiative and will grab the bull by the horns if that is what needs to be done. I hope she continues to be a leader in her next adventure. The September student of the month is Cassondra Heath.


9th: Jeffrey Bishop: This student is the kind of student that we should aim to be. He works really hard to form meaningful connections with his peers and his teachers. Not only does he advocate for his own needs, he will go above and beyond to advocate for the needs of his quieter classmates to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to learn and grown in the Mount View Community. Congratulations to Jeffrey Bishop!

10thAllison Kelley This student is diligent, works hard and participates well in her classes. In addition to starting off the year academically, she stays very involved at school and consistently demonstrates leadership both in and outside of the classroom. She sets a good example, she is eager to help others, and she tries to do what she can to make our school a better place. Congratulations to Allison Kelley.

11th: Aiden Tripp: This student is a very respectful, responsible and motivated young man. He treats classmates and teachers with respect by valuing each as an individual and valuing the work that they do. He embraces the responsibility required to be extremely successful in the classroom. He contributes to Mount View High School by being positive through his actions and words. He strives for success in all that he does and works to the best of his ability. Congratulations to Aiden Tripp.

12th: Lacey Blakesley: This student is a phenomenal and creative individual. She is wholeheartedly committed to excellence in her academic efforts, and she faces challenges with gusto and self-reflection. Her imaginative spirit, combined with her no-nonsense persona, is a breath of fresh air in our school community. Congratulations to Lacey Blakesley!


9th:  Hazel Abello: This student is one who shows a great deal of initiative. She works hard in and out of the classroom. She is polite, outgoing, and helpful to other students. She asks thoughtful, clarifying questions. She stays busy in class and if she is finished before the rest of the class, she works on other homework. I enjoy having her in my class. Without even trying, she is a good role model for other students. And she is a pleasure to have in class. The 9th grade student of the month for November is Hazel Abello.

10th: Wyatt Evensen: This student is a positive community member and peer. He participates genuinely in class and brings out the best in those around him. Even if he is having a hard day, he remains on a level of optimism that is encouraging to others. While being a busy athlete he remains current with assignments and doesn’t use excuses to catch a break. He is truly a delight to have in class and very deserving of student of the month. Congratulations to Wyatt Evensen!

11thKassydi Gotham:  This student is one of the kindest students I teach. She is curious and committed to academic excellence. She is focused in class, contributes thoughtfully and frequently and provides her peers a perspective that would not be present without her. She is communicative and always follows through on commitments, and on top of it all has a wonderful sense of humor. What more could one want from a Student of the Month? Congratulations to Kassydi Gotham!

12th: Sawyer Inman: For the last two years, this person has been a wonderful addition to my classroom. He is insightful, funny and engaged. He works hard to complete quality work. Even though he intends to go into the maritime industry, I think his real future might lie in politics (and that’s actually a compliment believe it or not). Congrats, Sawyer Inman!


9th:   Lauren Hurst:  This student is incredibly curious, hardworking and clever. She leads class discussions, always has a fun question to ask, or a fascinating fact to add that we all didn’t know before. She is learning Japanese for fun and truly embodies the heart of a scholar. She adds immeasurably to our class culture. Congrats, to Lauren Hurst! 

10thBen Richards : This student is thoughtful and curious. He is a good role model to his peers. Some teachers would even say he is the glue to the class as his peers are encouraged by his participation. His work ethic is impressive and his work is typically flawless. He shows meticulous attention to detail not just in his academics, but gives that level of careful observation and consideration to any situation he finds himself in. He is an exceptional addition to any room, and all benefit from his presence. Congratulations to Ben Richards!

11th: Joseph Morse : This student embodies all the Mount View High School core values: he shows kindness to his classmates, he demonstrates respect towards his teachers, he perseveres through academic challenges, and he takes responsibility for his learning progress. He is a true Renaissance man whose variety of passions reflect his curiosities, his open-mind, and his identity as a life-long learner. He is creative, is courageous and is sincere. In short, even though he is (and always will be) one-of-a-kind… it’s a shame there aren’t more Joe Morse’s in this world. Congratulations to Joe Morse!

12th:  Emily Clark: This student is one of those people that you need to be around. Her desire to get the job done and push on to the next level is always motivating. Emily is often found trying to get her school work done early–most likely so that she can get to work on yet another arena, (horse pun intended), in her life. She is task-driven, yet goal-oriented. Whether in school, in her job, or in the saddle, Emily continues to show that the best insurance for getting something done is doing it yourself–oh, and knowing when to ask for help along the way.

12th:  Cassondra Heath: This person is a thoughtful student and student leader.  She is a pleasure to have in class.  She has gone above and beyond in Chamber Singers.  She was a vital part of ensuring traditions continued on.  She took on extra responsibilities for Carols in the Round while maintaining academic success.  Congratulations to Cassondra Heath!


9th:  Hiro Foye: This student is a pleasure to have in class, he is always ready to work, and finds ways to responsibly occupy his time if he completes an assignment early. He is not shy to speak up, even if he is unsure about his answer, and is very willing to learn. In addition, the wonderful drawings which adorn the assignments are very entertaining. Congratulations

10th: Ava Nickerson: This student is a strong and conscientious student, she always makes sure that she understands what she is doing and works well with her peers.  I appreciate her honesty and sense of humor and have enjoyed being her teacher for the past two years. Congratulations to Ava Nickerson!

11th: Sydney Bishop: This student is an exceptional student, she balances her time between many activities, and puts her best effort into every one. She is polite, hardworking, and dedicated to the topic at hand. She is always ready learn, will greet you kindly each day, and be curious what new things we will be doing in class. Congratulations to Sydney Bishop!

12th: Desmond Gonzalez: This student has shown an incredible amount of growth over his time in high school and deserves recognition for that before we discuss all of his wonderful qualities further. He is curious, dedicated, and funny. He is a good student and is interested in many different topics, which is what makes him a contender for student of the month. It is his kindness and character that makes him someone who should win student of the month. It’s been wonderful to see him as a senior after teaching him at a younger age too. Congratulations to Desmond Gonzalez!






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