Attendance Matters


Most of you already know about TRUANCY, which is when students have unexcused absences that add up, requiring a formal truancy meeting. However, there is another attendance issue that can sneak up on families almost without them realizing it... CHRONIC ABSENTEEISM. Chronic Absenteeism is when a student is absent for any reason, excused or unexcused, for more than 10% of school days. With the 100th day of school fast approaching (this Friday!) that means any student with more than 10 absences, for any reason, is considered "chronically absent".

Research shows that missing 10% of the school year negatively affects a student's performance. "When children are absent from school, they miss out on consistent instruction that is needed to develop basic skills. Children in early grades are particularly susceptible to falling behind in fundamental reading skills, which can have a snowball effect that impacts future learning." 

Additionally, students who attend school regularly have higher achievement, learn more, have fewer behavior problems, and are much more likely to have long-term success throughout their school years.

Some students would rather stay at home with their parents than attend school. My own children used to beg for "Daddy days" when my husband was home after shipping out for 3 weeks at a time. A day or two a year might not have an impact, but habitual special days at home begin to impact a child's learning.

If your children are sick with a fever, productive cough, thick nasal discharge, a stomach virus, an injury, a family emergency, an appointment, etc. YES, please keep them at home. Otherwise, please support your child's learning by encouraging regular attendance. When they miss a day, they might miss a lot! Also, we miss them when they are not here. So just remember that attendance matters!

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