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Walker Wildcats


Walker School is a small school consisting of grades Pre-K through 5 with
approximately 65 students. All staff members work tirelessly every day to ensure that
students are safe and provided a variety of rigorous and engaging learning opportunities.

As part of our ongoing efforts to foster a culture of community and positivity,
students and staff at Walker School are divided into four mixed grade groups, called
Wildcat Houses. These houses provide frequent opportunities for students to work
together while focusing on reviewing our school expectations and celebrating everyone’s efforts in making Walker School an amazing place to be every day.

Walker School has an active student leadership team made up of students in
grades 3, 4 and 5. These representatives provide a voice for all students in helping to
establish routines and traditions that students understand, look forward to, and take
pride in. We begin each day with members from this team sharing daily announcements
that remind everyone of our school vision and that recognize random students who have
earned points for their house by demonstrating what it means to be a Walker Wildcat.

At Walker School We…

Welcome Everyone
Invite Others to Join
Learn New Things Everyday
Do the Right Thing

Care About Others
Always Make Safe Choices
Try Our Hardest
Strive to Have Fun

Go Wildcats!!!

At Walker School, we have been working to help students better understand what they are learning, why they are learning it, and how they can show that they have learned it.

The History of Walker School- (writings from Liberty Town Reports and the Walker Banner)

On Sunday night, December 30, 1935 the Liberty High School buildings and their contents burned. The superintending school committee called a meeting to take necessary steps to secure temporary quarters to house the school for the remainder of the year.

High school and primary schools were held in the basement of the Community Hall. The grammar school moved to the second floor of what is now the Liberty Tool Company.

The Walker family (Donald, Miss Katherine and Miss Madge) came to the town’s aid as there was little insurance and money was in short supply. Construction for the new school began on September 10, 1936. Donald Walker asked Carol Banks to oversee the school’s construction. Mr. Banks put in many hours. Many other local people worked on the school as well.

The school was finished and a dedication was held on January 16, 1937. Six hundred people were in attendance.

The Town of Liberty felt extremely fortunate. They had a beautiful new brick building with a slate roof. The building had steam heat fired by a wood boiler. There were indoor bathrooms, running water and a drinking fountain in the main hall. There were fire hoses both up and downstairs. There were rooms for recreation, science and stenography. There was a Principal’s Office (where it is today) and a boiler room. Clayborn Stickney was the first janitor.

The town named the school “Walker High School” and it opened officially on September 13, 1937 with students primary age through high school. In 1964 the high school students were moved to Mount View, in 1970 grades 7 and 8 were moved to Mount View and in 2009 the 6th grade students were moved to Mount View. Walker continues as a PreK – 5 school today with approximately 65 students.