Troy Community Enjoys a Fun, Family Coding Night

Students, staff, and families spent the evening participating in a variety of fun coding activites at Troy School. These activities allow the students to practice writing a series of codes that then make their robots perform the directions. We had simple ones such as BeeBots and others involving more complicated coding such as Lego Mindstorms. The book fair was also open and yummy popcorn and juice was provided. It was a fun night for all who attended.

family coding

Troy School STEM Club Launches Rocket


The STEM Club nearly left earth’s atmosphere the other day when they launched a 2-liter bottle high into the air. Even though the rocket remained earthbound, it was a source of high excitement at Troy School this past Monday afternoon!

5th Grade Students at Troy School Learn Flag Etiquette

Outlying Elementary Schools in RSU 3 are very excited to welcome Ashley Quimby as the new library Ed. Tech. Students visiting the library will find an enthusiastic teacher ready to share favorite read alouds, book recommendations, and engaging STEM projects and activities. We are all very happy that Mrs. Quimby has joined our team.


Troy School starts lessons with our new RSU 3 Teacher of Agricultural Projects

Students at Troy School are getting to know our new Teacher of Agricultural Projects as she leads them through lessons designed to integrate math and literacy through hands on gardening projects. Students began with collecting data and using graphs to determine what to plant in the school gardens.