Letter from Superintendent

Dear RSU 3 Community,

The intent of this communication is to provide you with an update on the lockdown and lockout at the Mount View Complex today.

After further investigation into this incident, it is believed that this threat is related to a similar threat made against Skowhegan area schools on today’s date as well as yesterday.  A juvenile male has been taken into custody in connection with this event as the investigation continues in Skowhegan.  Further information regarding specific charges will be released by Skowhegan Police.  With this, the lockout at the Mt. View Complex has been lifted and normal school activities resumed.

We appreciate everyone’s concern for their children at the Mt. View Complex, please know that RSU 3 and the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office are committed to your child’s safety and wellbeing.  During these times of restricted access to RSU 3 properties, your cooperation is paramount in ensuring the highest level of safety to all children and staff.  Please recognize we will continue to make every effort to resolve these matters as expeditiously as possible and limit the impact on your family.

The events that have taken place here and across the country are undoubtedly frightening for everyone.  Please be assured that RSU 3 is dedicated to ensuring the safest environment possible for all children and adults that come to our district.  Currently, we are working collaboratively with local law enforcement to sponsor a community forum to discuss all concerns regarding school violence.  As soon as a date, time, and location is determined, we will notify all of you.  I hope to see you there.

Paul Austin, Superintendent

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