Transportation Office

RSU #3 Transportation Department is dedicated to the safety of our students, that’s why we have Regional Top Drivers on our team! Please take the time to meet your child’s bus driver. Pictured below is Betty Hobbs, Randy Stevenson, Sonya McCaslin, Todd Trull, and Edwin Larrabee.


The routes are categorized by AM and PM runs for each school. You must scroll through the several paged document to find your road and bus number. Bus numbers are listed at the top of each section after the bus drivers initials, for example “EL3” is bus #3.

*ROUTES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE* Click the link below to view the routes.

If you have questions about the routes or if you don’t see your address/road listed. Please contact the Transportation Office at 568-3678. When leaving a message, please include the parent/guardian name, student name, school they attend, and the PHYSICAL address of the pick up/drop off location.

Transportation Office

577 Mount View Road

Thorndike, Maine 04986

Phone: (207) 568-3678

Fax: (207) 568-4627

School Bus Safety Tips

  • Getting Ready for School: Have your children put everything they carry in a backpack or school bag so that they won’t drop things along the way; Have them wear bright, contrasting colors so drivers will see them more easily; Make sure they leave home on time so they can walk to the bus stop and arrive before the bus is due. Running can be dangerous!
  • Understanding School Bus Warning Lights: Yellow = Slow down; Red = Stop
    (This includes any public way and on school grounds.) 
  • Walking to the Bus Stop: Walk your young child to the bus stop and have older children walk in groups. There is safety in numbers; groups are easier for drivers to see; Practice good pedestrian behavior; walk single file, face traffic and stay as close to the edge of the road as you can; Stop and look left, right, and then left again if you must cross the street. Do the same thing at driveways and alleys. Exaggerate your head turns and narrate your actions so your child knows you are looking left, right and left.
  • Waiting at the Bus Stop: Warn children that, if they drop something, they should never pick it up. Instead they should tell the driver and follow the driver’s instructions. If they bend over to pick up a dropped object, they might not be seen by the driver and could be hurt if the driver pulls away from the stop; Remind children to look to the right before they step off the bus. Cars in a hurry sometimes try to sneak by buses on the right; Teach your children to secure loose drawstrings and other objects that may get caught in the handrail or door of the bus as they are exiting; Give your child a note or follow your school’s procedures if you would like for the child to get dropped off at a stop other than the one they are assigned. The driver isn’t allowed to let the child get off at another stop without written permission; If you meet your child at the bus stop after school, wait on the side where the child will be dropped off, not across the street. Children can be so excited to see you after school that could they dash across the street and forget the safety rules.
  • Riding the Bus: Children should talk quietly, be courteous to the driver and follow the driver’s instructions; Children should stay seated during the entire bus ride and keep the aisles clear.


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577 Mount View Road, Thorndike, ME 04986
Phone: (207)-568-3678

Fax: (207)-568-4627