Oct 18

Play Off Updates

The Boys game vs. Brewer scheduled for tonight has been adjusted to a 3:00 pm start.

The girls game scheduled for Wednesday night at Hermon is a 4:00 pm start – and there will be a $5.00, $3.00 charge to attend the game.


Oct 18

Upcoming MVE Events

MVE Fall Student-Led Conferences: November 8th & 9th

MVE Title I Family Night: November 8th & 9th in conjunction with Conferences
Call the school office for more information: 568-7541


Sep 18

Upcoming Math Night at Monroe!

Math Night is Coming!
Minibots are Coming, too!
Mrs. Shiny Pants from Planet Tek has asked if students at Monroe Elementary School will be willing to model math strategies so that 5 mini-robots from her planet can learn our methods.

Students will race against time as we will only have 50 minutes to complete their math
challenges. This night is Monroe Elementary School’s version of an “escape room”.  On
October 25th (rescheduled from the 25th) from 5:30 to 6:30 the mathematical fun and galactic excitement will begin.
Students will receive a game as a reward for helping the alien robots!


Sep 18

AlertNow System Information

Dear Parents,

Keeping you informed is a top priority at RSU #3. Therefore, we are continuing the use of the ALERTNOW Notification Service which allows us to send a telephone, text, or e-mail message to you providing important information about school events or emergencies. We anticipate using ALERTNOW to notify you of school delays or cancellations due to inclement weather, as well as remind you about various events, including report card distribution, open house, field trips, and more. The ALERTNOW system will automatically contact you by phone and/or email to notify you of school cancellations or emergencies.

What you need to know about receiving calls sent through ALERTNOW

  • Caller ID will display the school’s main number when a general announcement is delivered.
  • Caller ID will display 411 if the message is a dire emergency.
  • ALERTNOW will leave a message on any answering machine or voicemail.
  • If the ALERTNOW message stops playing, press any key 1-9 and the message will replay from the beginning.

CLICK HERE to download the AlertNow form. Please return this form to your school secretary. Note that the primary phone number will be called for standard and emergency calls as well as text messages for unknown and unexcused absences; the emergency numbers will only be used in an emergency and all will be dialed simultaneously.  Thank you for your cooperation and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Paul W. Austin, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools


Sep 18

National Speaker Visits MVHS

On Thursday, September 20th, 2018, Mount View High School had a school-wide assembly to discuss drug addiction. The school-wide assembly featured a national speaker, Nick Morgan, and his journey through addiction and the recovery process. Below is a synopsis of his speech and new life mission.

“A heroin addict in recovery, Nick Morgan has been clean since June 2, 2015. Originally from Marion, IL, Nick began using drugs and alcohol as a teenager and continued for over 10 years. His addiction steadily increased until it took over his life, taking everything from him. His friends and family encouraged him to get help but after ignoring their many pleas, Nick found himself excluded from his own family. Not long after, Nick lost his best friend to a heroin overdose. It was at this point when he literally had nothing that Nick decided he needed to change his life, he needed treatment.

After several attempts at rehab and treatment Nick found success. Relapse was part of his journey, but it also motivated him to finally change his life. Nick found that reaching out to other addicts in recovery helped. By putting his faith in their knowledge and experiences he was able to learn what he needed to do to stay sober. He has worked at rehab facilities as a behavioral health technician, housing director and community relations coordinator.

Nick has made it his goal to help other addicts change their lives just as others have helped him. After founding his online social community “Crush The Epidemic” in 2016, Nick has helped countless addicts and families in their fight against addiction. Drawing from his own personal and sometimes painful experiences to show that long-term sobriety is possible, he aims to be a source of knowledge and comfort for those struggling with addiction. He now travels the country  spreading his experience and triumph over addiction.

Nick currently works at Comprehensive Wellness Centers in Lantana, FL as a Community Outreach Coordinator. The facility provides dual-diagnosis at PHP and IOP levels.”


Apr 18

2018-19 School Calendar

The 2018-19 school year calendar was approved by the school board at the April 9th regular board meeting. CLICK HERE to view next year’s calendar.