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Tina Fabian – School Nutrition Director

I have been working in school nutrition for 17 years. I started working as a school secretary/school lunch coordinator. I found that my most favorite part of my job was working in school nutrition therefore when a full time position as an assistant in school nutrition became available, I applied and transferred to that department full time. After working as an assistant for 1-1/2 years I moved onto the position as School Nutrition Director. I am now in my 6th year as a school nutrition director. I am also an active member of the Maine School Nutrition Association and serve on the board.  I am proud to work in School Nutrition and in RSU 3. I am a strong supporter of Farm to School efforts, scratch recipe cooking and menu development. Feeding children is of utmost importance to me as we are not only feeding our children but feeding our future!

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84 School Street, Unity, Maine 04988
Phone: (207)-568-4607
Fax: (207)-568-4624
Nutrition Director: Tina M. Fabian