Ms. Dyer’s 20th Century American Popular Culture Research Project

Helpful Databases (Use freely on campus. See librarian for off campus password.)

Marvel Databases

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Classroom Video On Demand


The History of Disney Animation

History of Animation in the 1900s – Timeline

Notes On the Origins of American Animation, 1900-1921


Popular Culture: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Baseball History

History of Baseball in the United States


NBA History

91 Interesting Facts About Basketball

Where Basketball Was Invented: The History of Basketball

Construction Machinery:

Construction (history and a list of historical equipment, each linked to more information)

Equipment List, Historical Construction Equipment Asscociation (a list of different kinds of equipment, arranged by year, and with each linked to a photograph)


Dancing Through the Decades: Most Popular Dance Styles Over the Past 100 Years


History of Football Timeline

NFL History By Decade

Football: Origins, Growth and History of the Game

Football History

Games (see also links under Video Games below):

30 Classic Games For Simple Outdoor Play

History of Board Games From Early 1900s to the Present

Kid Games in the Early 1900s


How Have Popular American Hairstyles Changed Over the Years

The Top 10 Iconic Hairstyles In Pop Culture History

The Hairstyles That Defined American Culture In Every Decade


Hunting In America: An Overview

Importance of America’s Hunting Culture

America: Hunting and How It All Started

Men’s and Women’s Shoes:

Shoes (scroll to the section on the twentieth century)


The Top Songs By Decade: 1900-present


The Bizarre History of American Sport

Professional Team Sports in the United States

Early Beginnings to the Current World of Sports History

Video Games:

The History of Gaming: An Evolving Community

Video Game History Timeline

The History of Video Games


American Wars: All the Major Wars That the U.S. Has Fought

History of American Wars: Three Centuries of American Wars

Major Wars and Conflicts of the 20th Century

Women’s Clothing (see also links under Women’s Fashion below):

Fashion Forward: the History of 20th Century Women’s Clothing

Women’s Fashion:

20th Century Fashion

The History of Fashion: Most Important Style Moments of the 20th Century (good slide show with informative captions)

The Twentieth Century of American Fashion: 1900-2000 (an academic thesis with illustrations in .pdf format)

Fashion American Style: 1900-1999, America’s Twentieth Century Rise To Dominate World Fashion

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