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For English Language Arts classes and for anyone interested in theater arts, we have a new library database, Digital Theatre +. There are top-notch productions of hundreds of plays, from the ancient Greek playwrights, to Shakespeare, Moliere, and many contemporary works as well. There are dramatic works of tragedy and comedy as well as musical theater. Each presentation of a production offers the ability to watch the play in full screen mode, as well as giving links to interviews with actors, directors and designers explaining their creative process. It is also possible to watch a play in short sections divided by act and scene. Included too are extensive resources for teachers to integrate



Formerly called, Gale Virtual Reference Library, this database has over 1,000 volumes of reference books that give broad coverage of a wide range of topics.



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  • Download the Flipster app from your mobile device’s app store
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  • These instructions only need to be done the first time.  After that opening the app will bring you to the magazines


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