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This web page features links to web sites that are suitable for research on a variety of topics. Most of the topics are for projects proposed by the teachers and students of Mount View Middle School or Mount View High School. This page is a work in progress. Expect change. Suggestions from teachers and students are always welcome.




The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History


The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History is delighted to welcome Mount View High School into the Affiliated School Program. The Affiliated School Program is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities and is a growing network of schools across the country. Affiliate Schools receive a wide range of free resources and materials including:


     1.) Eligibility in the highly competitive Teacher Seminar Program, which consists of 40 week long seminars each summer.


     2.) Free classroom materials and a discount on all Gilder Lehrman publications including posters, books, and resource boxes in the History Shop. For our school discount code please see the high school librarian.


     3.) Traveling exhibitions on major historical topics. To see a list of exhibitions please visit the Traveling Exhibitions web page. When applying, please make sure to note that you are from an Affiliate School.


     4.) Exclusive national history competitions for students, including the annual Civil War Essay Contest, with prizes up to $1,000 for winners. To see the full list of programs and benefits go to the For Students web page.


     5.) UNLIMITED ACCESS to the Gilder Lehrman Collection of more than 60,000 American historical documents and exclusive web content, including Featured Primary Sources, Gilder Lehrman resource lists created by fellow teachers, and more from History by Era


**Teachers and staff should register on the website as Affiliate Teachers. Please ask the high school librarian for our school's registration link.**






Library Online Reference Tools





  • Easy Bib - Free online bibliography maker


  • Bib Me - Another free online bibliography maker



Helpful Web Sites

for Mrs. Chase's



Helpful Databases (Use freely on campus. See librarian for off campus password.)

Marvel Databases


Gale Virtual Reference Library


Classroom Video On Demand


American Physical Society Journals


Electromagnetic Radiation:

 Cool Cosmos Multiwavelength Gallery


NASA - Imagine the Universe


Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum



Hubble Space Telescope


Spitzer Infrared Telescope


Chandra X-Ray Telescope


Very Large Array


Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope


Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope


NASA's Swift Telescope (Gamma Ray)


Planck Microwave Observatory


Amazing Space Tools - Stars And Stellar Evolution


Objects in Deep Space:

Astronomy Picture of the Day (NASA)


Hubble Space Telescope


The Messier Catalog


Messier Deep Space Objects


Deep Space Objects (gallery)


Hawaiian Astronomical Society - Deepsky Object Lists


AstroPixels Photo Index


Astronomy Online - The Messier Objects, Images by James McGaha and Tim Hunter




Lyme Disease Web Sites


ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Disease Society)www.ILADS.org

Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases Research Center -- http://www.columbia-lyme.org/index.html

Lady Barbara's Garden -- http://www.ladybarbarasgarden.com/

Planet Thrive --- http://planetthrive.com/environmental-illness/lyme-disease-and-co-infections/

Lyme Disease Encounter Network of South Carolinawww.sc-lyme.com

Lyme Disease Resourcewww.lymediseaseresource.com

Lyme Infowww.lymeinfo.net

Neuro Lymewww.neuro-lyme.com

The Human Side of Lymewww.thehumansideoflyme.net

The Tick Slayerwww.thetickslayer.com

Wild Condor's World --- www.wildcondor.com

Lyme Runner --- www.lymerunner.com

Lyme Buddies --- www.lymebuddies.com

Lyme Hope – http://www.lymehope.com/

Lyme Disease Research Database --- www.lyme-disease-research-database.com

Lymenaide --- www.lymenaide.wordpress.com

Invisible Diseases --- www.invisiblediseases.com

Same Lyme Different Day ---www.littlebithaslyme.wordpress.com

Lyme Bites --- www.lymebites.com

Dartmoor Tick Watch --- www.dartmoorcam.co.uk.com

Lyme Disease Map Project --- www.lymediseasemapproject.com

The Better Health Guy --- www.betterhealthguy.com

The Lyme Project --- www.lymeproject.com

Adirondack Lyme Disease Foundation --- www.adirondacklymediseasefoundation.com

Humboldt Lyme Awareness Group --- www.humboldtlymedisease.org 

Lyme Jello --- www.julieridl.wordpress.com

Truth About Lyme Disease --- www.truthaboutlymedisease.com

Lyme Support Network --- www.lymesupportnetwork.org

Goodbye Lyme --- www.goodbyelyme.com

Cure Lyme Disease --- www.curelymedisease.com

Lyme Aware --- www.lymeaware.wordpress.com

Lyme Book --- www.lymebook.com

Learn About Lyme --- www.learnaboutlyme.wordpress.com

Lyme Awareness in Action --- www.4momma.com

Team Lyme --- www.childrenslyme.org

Recipes for Repair --- www.recipesforrepair.com

Lyme Ideas --- www.lymeideas.wordpress.com

Lyme Chick --- www.lymechick.wordpress.com

It’s About Lyme --- www.itsaboutlyme.org

With a Twist of Lyme --- www.withatwistoflyme.org

Tick Talk Ireland’s Blog (Ireland) --- www.ticktalkireland.wordpress.com

Lyme Log: Personal Lyme Blogging --- www.lymelog.com

WI Lyme Coalition --- www.wilymecoalition.blogdrive.com

Sturbridge Lyme Awareness of Massachusetts --- www.s-l-a-m.org

Survivor Friends --- www.survivorfriends.com

Lyme Events --- http://whatislyme.com/

David Ostrosky: My Fight Against Lyme Disease --- www.lymebacteria.com

Entire Family with Lyme Disease --- www.hausfeldaboutlyme.wordpress.com

My Blind Spot Journey --- www.myblindspotjourney.wordpress.com

Greater Hartford Lyme Disease Support & Action Group --- www.ctlymedisease.org

Chronic Lyme Disease --- www.chroniclymedisease.com

National Lyme Disease Memorial Park Project --- www.lymememorial.org

Confronting Lyme --- www.confrontinglyme.com

Lyme Community Forums --- www.lymecommunity.com/forums

Auto-Immunity Research --- http://autoimmunityresearch.org/

Spring for Lyme --- http://www.springforlymefundraisingevent.org/

Hope is My Anchor --- http://www.hopeismyanchor.com/p/illness-and-disability.html

Lyme Fraud Against Humanity --- www.lymecryme.com

The Official Website of Lisa Bevill-Lyme Disease --- www.lisabevill.com/lymedisease

Lyme Underground --- www.lymeunderground.com

Know Lyme - www.knowlyme.wordpress.com

Heal Kick - www.healkick.com

Alter Everythingwww.altereverything.com

Momma Lymewww.mommalyme.com

Just Till it Under - www.tillingmama.wordpress.com

Lyme Light Foundation -http://www.lymelightfoundation.org/

Children’s Lyme Disease Network --- www.childrenslymenetwork.org






"Bullying is not just a buzzword co-opted by the media to drive ratings from frightened school children and their worried parents. Bullying is a serious problem that has far-reaching implications for the person being bullied—and for the bully as well. In this guide, readers will find information on what bullying is, how it impacts people, and where victims can get help. In addition, there is information on the mental health industry’s response to bullying and why psychologists are uniquely equipped to handle this issue."



"No human is immune to violence or the effects of aggressive behavior, whether it is against them, a colleague, friend, family member, or partner. Violence doesn’t only affect the victim; it reverberates throughout all of their personal and social circles. Abusive behavior manifests in a number of ways, ranging from sexual and physical abuse seen in teen dating and marriages to school bullying and hate crimes against the LGBTQ community. The following guide identifies different forms of violence, offers information on how to recognize abuse, and provides resources to help victims find support services."






Mr. Tozier's Internet Safety Class


  • Wired Safety - The World's First Internet Safety and Help Group



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