Walker in the Spotlight

It's going to be a great year here at Walker School!

We are now into our first full week of school and enjoying every minute of it!   Students are learning great things already in each class.  Staff is super excited to be back as well.  (Pics:  Arrival of the first bus on the first day and students about to be shown the safety boundaries of our playground).  We will be updating our "Walker in the Spotlight" page each month. 

Bike Rodeo and Fat Tire Clinic Brings Schools Together

Students participated in a Bike Rodeo on Saturday at Mt View.  This is the "slow race", with the last one to cross the finish line declared the winner.  This was one of many different skill clinics the students participated in.  This was part of the Bikes for Books program and part of the Fat Bike Clinic, which took place Thursday, Friday, and all day Saturday. Thank you to our partners, Midcoast Conservency and the Outdoor Sports Institute for sponsoring the event. 

Final Community Meal of the Year at Walker School

The Garden Committee and FoodCorps Service Member Carolyn Wason (Miss Carolyn) presented their final of three community meals this week.  With over fifty people in attendance it was clearly a success.  The dinner was followed by a presentation by Mrs. Clark and Barbara Rehymeyer, Ivan Davis Library librarian, about what families can do over the summer to keep young minds nubile and engaged.  

Walker School Gets A School Orchard


On April 25 Richard Hodges, the founder of and energy behind ReTreeUS, joined the students, staff, and volunteers of Walker School to plant eleven fruit trees, including peach and a wide variety of apple trees.  Richard met with the Walker School Student Leadership Team and explained to them how he got started on this project and why he is doing it.  Thank you, Richard!  Thanks also to Jon Thurston and Jill Raush for helping us plant the trees, and of course our ongoing thanks to Carolyn Wason, our FoodCorps service member who arranged for Walker School to receive the trees.  Without Carolyn this would not have happened.  

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