Walker in the Spotlight

Walker School This Year

We had our first fire drill of the year today at Walker School.  This is the whole school, all one hundred of us, out on the playground.  Everyone is glad to be back at school and starting to get back in the routine of things.  Some people would say the firedrill is part of the school routine, while others would say it breaks the school routine.  Either way, it is something we want to make sure we are good at, just in case.  The kids are off to a good start!


playground  walker

Walker School's Annual Talent Show

Each year the Student Leadership Team comes up with a to do list, and always on that list is the talent show, our way of welcoming spring to Liberty and Montville.   Thanks to Cindy Harriman for taking pictures of the event.



Walker Talent Show

Reading Excites Learners at Walker School. . . again!

After six weeks of setting goals, reaching goals, lots of pages and lots of excitement over reading, Walker School's annual Read For Gold challenge is drawing to an end.  We'll have our final assembly on Tuesday, when students will also find out who is the recipient of a bicycle.  A boy and girl in each class will be drawn from the students who have met their goal and be awarded a bicycle in recognition of their hard work.  We'll have a bike rodeo on Saturday, when the students willl receive their bikes and be able to try them out following another annual event, our Walker School Walk-a-thon.   



Fractions are Fun!

Students in Mrs. Clark's class use a number line, going from zero to one, to explore fractions.  FullSizeRender 1

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