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United States Senator Susan Collins Visits Troy School

Coltin and Collins

We all were very excited to host a visit from Senator Collins yesterday.  Senator Collins spoke about what it is like to be a Senator, shared her perspective on getting along with people, and encouraged students to show up to school on a regular basis in the same way that she shows up for her job. (Senator Collins has a remarkable attendance record in Congress, having never missed a vote.)  She also visited the first and second grades, where she read a book to the students.  She then was seranaded by the Kindergarten class, who all gave her tulips.  It was a magical time at Troy School, from the very start of the day when everyone was working together to prepare for her visit, until the end of the day, when Senator Collins had left and we all could reflect on how proud we were to have shared our school with her for the afternoon.  


smaller senator



Troy School PTO, with Help from Local Businesses and Foundations, Buys Books for All

The Troy School Parent Teacher Organization sponsors a couple of book fairs each year.  After noticing some students don't buy books, the PTO decided to do something about it.   They contacted local businesses and organizations, including Hutamaki, The Unity Foundation, and Bangor Savings Bank, and raised enough money so that each student could buy $10 worth of books.  The students were extremely happy, as well as very grateful.  Thank you to the PTO for making this happen.  


Thank You

Mrs Denton Reports on Her Class Visit with Christian Griffith

The fifth grade class used FaceTime to talk with Christian Griffith from the History Channel's show The Selection. Christian was one of four who finished the grueling military, Navy Seal-style training event. The show began with 25 people and after 11 days, only four remained. We've worked on our Habits of Mind all year and this was a special way to tie everything we've discussed together. Christian spoke about putting others first and how everything is temporary, except quitting. He said he gets through hard times by remembering to put one foot in front of the other and eventually you will make it. His message was very inspirational and helpful to the students in connecting what we score ourselves on paper for to real life. 


Mrs Dentons class

Lifelong Learning skills the subject of Troy School PE class

ski pic IMrs Waterman's physical education course makes it outside for the annual x-country unit.  Each year, Mrs Waterman teaches her students the basics of cross country skiing, a sport that people can continue with through their whole lives.  This year, the unit received a boost through the support of the Outdoor Sports Institute and Midcoast Conservancy, who teamed up to supply the skis.  We would like to offer a big thank you to both organizations - we all appreciate it! 

ski pic II

ski folks IIski folks III

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