Troy in the Spotlight

Troy School Heads to Field of Dreams for Exercise and Fun

The Leadership Team at Troy School decided it would be a good idea to have a full school exercise challenge.  They designed a goal setting sheet and shared them with each classroom.  Students set excercise goals for themselves and then we all headed over to the Field of Dreams track and began running and walking.  ALL students went at least two miles in the little over an hour that we were there.  A small group of students ran an incredible seven miles!  All students had fun, as did the teachers and the parent volunteers.


Troy School "Kinder-Gardners" visit Mt View Greenhouse and Gardens

Mrs. Stauffer's class from Troy School drove over to Mount View High School on Friday to see where the flowers they had planted at the Troy Town Office had come from.  Mr. Collins and his students gave Mrs. Stauffer's class a nice tour of the high school gardens and greenhouse, then got the kids, affectionately dubbed "Kinder-Gardners" by the Mt View folk, to help with some weeding.  


Troy School STEM Club Launches Rocket

The STEM Club nearly left earth's atmosphere the other day when they launched a 2-liter bottle high into the air.  Even though the rocket remained earthbound, it was a source of high excitement at Troy School this past Monday afternoon!

United States Senator Susan Collins Visits Troy School

Coltin and Collins

We all were very excited to host a visit from Senator Collins yesterday.  Senator Collins spoke about what it is like to be a Senator, shared her perspective on getting along with people, and encouraged students to show up to school on a regular basis in the same way that she shows up for her job. (Senator Collins has a remarkable attendance record in Congress, having never missed a vote.)  She also visited the first and second grades, where she read a book to the students.  She then was seranaded by the Kindergarten class, who all gave her tulips.  It was a magical time at Troy School, from the very start of the day when everyone was working together to prepare for her visit, until the end of the day, when Senator Collins had left and we all could reflect on how proud we were to have shared our school with her for the afternoon.  


smaller senator



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