Troy in the Spotlight

Lifelong Learning skills the subject of Troy School PE class

ski pic IMrs Waterman's physical education course makes it outside for the annual x-country unit.  Each year, Mrs Waterman teaches her students the basics of cross country skiing, a sport that people can continue with through their whole lives.  This year, the unit received a boost through the support of the Outdoor Sports Institute and Midcoast Conservancy, who teamed up to supply the skis.  We would like to offer a big thank you to both organizations - we all appreciate it! 

ski pic II

ski folks IIski folks III

Troy Students Back in School

After a few days away during our vacation, and a few extra days away due to school being cancelled because of snow, students were excited to be back in the swing of things.   Here Ms Hewes' class rotate through different science stations as they study ecology.  


back to school

Tanglewood Friends

Tanglewood pictures1

Every year, the fifth grades go to Tanglewood Learning Center in Lincolnville.  One of our main goals in going to Tanglewood is so that fifth graders from all the small elementary schools can begin to interact with one another and get to know each other before heading off to Mt View Middle School the following year.  It is a great opportunity for these students to become more comfortable with the daunting move from a small school to a much larger school.  

Troy Meets Unity

ms hewes class  unity

Troy School's second grade class worked with Ms Wade's Unity College class this past fall on writing, using community gardens as their source of inspiration.  Every Wednesday the class of seventeen Unity College students would come out to Troy School and write with Ms Hewes' students in and about our gardens.  We ended the class with a celebration at Unity College with a meal made from the potatoes from our garden, butter that our students had made, and other local ingredients.  Following the meal, students got a tour of Unity College, led by the students that had been coming to Troy.  

Help From Unity College

team building III

Troy School is lucky to have Ashley Allen, an intern with Unity College, working with us.  Here, a group of fifth grade

sudents struggle to stay on their feet duirng a tem-building activity.  

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