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Overview:· Curriculum refers to the overall plan for learning based upon identified results and performance standards, with student learning at the center.  The Maine Learning Results have recently been revised: Chapter 132 Parameters of Instruction Maine Learning Results 2007  including the common core standards for ELA and Mathematics and our curriculum documents will be aligned to these new state standards.· Curriculum will be designed to engage students in exploring and deepening their understanding of important ideas and 21st century skills.



 Our model of curriculum is best represented by this graphic:


RSU #3 is working towards developing a rigorous and VIABLE (doable)  curriculum model.  We are a member of a cohort of school districts (MCCL) who are moving towards implementing a proficiency - based model.  We have identified measurement topics for the content areas and this will be the basis for our curriculum model, utilizing these measurement topics and specific learning targets in the classroom.

In addition to the revision to specific learning targets learners in grades K-9 will have their progress monitored and reported on a 1-4 scale.  The scale, however, will represent students progress on a particular learning target.  

1 - the student is working on the foundational knowledge and can do it with help from the teacher.

2- the student has demonstrated the foundational knowledge for the learning target.

3- the student is proficient on the level of knowledge for the learning target.

4- the student has demonstrated knowledge that goes beyond the level of expectation for proficiency for the learning target. 


After implementing this scoring scale last year with the elementary grades, we took the feedback from parents and staff and now incorporate a .5 progression as well to better reflect student growth.


All parents will have the opportunity to login to Empower/Educate in order to look at their child's progress in real time.  We will be offering many opportunities to learn more about how this reporting platform works this year.  Please attend one of the meetings that will be scheduled at your child's school and/or our virtual trainings.


Click here to see what the report card (K-8) looks like and how to read this new learner profile! 


Click here for the LatestHSReport for 9th grade.pdf


9th Grade Parent Letter for the 15-16 report card


9th Grade Training Opportunities for parents


9th grade HOW rubric


Click here for help reading the elementary report card!  Help Me With My Child's Report Card!


I would encourage you to access your child's learning progress online through the guardian/parent portal.  All parents received a login and password which wiil allow you to access all of your students' accounts through Empower/Educate.  Please login, watch the parent training video on our website. On the left-hand side of the webiste page  - click on Educate - this will take you to the login page. 


Here is a link to a video for Empower


Proficiency Based Teaching and Learning Primer

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