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Our School is more than a building, its the life and heart of our great community!



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Principal Matthew Faragher Houghton

Secretary Holly St.Onge

Office hours are 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Phone: 207-525-3504

Fax: 207-525-8599


Monroe Elementary School

The School community believes that students excel in an environment where they are safe, respected and actively involved in diverse learning experiences. Therefore we will provide a program that aligns curriculum with the Maine Learning Results, recognizes individual learning styles, while teaching tolerance and an understanding of cultural diversity. In partnership with our local community, our goal is to promote lifelong learning, active involved citizenship, and an understanding of issues that affect both our nation and world. We will utilize technology to connect our students to the global village, and encourage students to reach their potential within our ever changing society.
(Adopted 2000)

Located on Route #139 in the village of Monroe (Population 865), the Monroe Elementary School was constructed in 1951 by community members. Renovation in 1994 added a gymnasium, cafeteria, library and new classroom space. The school's ample property includes a field and woods through which Monroe students, Unity College students and the Monroe Conservation Commission have created a nature trail. Itinerant specialists provide instruction in choral and instrumental music, art, physical education, speech and language therapy.

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