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MVMS Awards Trimester #2 Living the Vision Awards

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Just recently, Mount View Middle school awarded our Trimester #2 Living the Vision Awards at a schoolwide assembly. These awards are determined by classroom teachers that feel the students embody our shcool vision.




The list of students along with the reasons why they were selected can be found in the link below:


MVMS 6th Grade Making a Difference



Mrs. Heard's 6th Grade Social Studies Students

Take Citizenship Seriously


After learning about the problem of food waste in general, sixth grade students in Mrs. Heard's social studies class looked inside the middle school cafeteria and discovered, to their shock, how much food middle school students throw away every day. They invited guests from the school's nutrition program, waste management system, and composting program for classroom visits to get more information about this serious issue. Then they brainstormed ways they could help solve the problem. As a direct result of their discoveries, these students are now influencing real change in the MVMS cafeteria. Wearing plastic gloves, some students are sorting lunch waste and teaching others how to separate it into the appropriate bins – compost bin for compostable foods, share basket for undamaged fruit (always wash it before eating), and trash bin for all other waste materials. Students have also made labels for the various bins, while others have designed awareness posters and informational flyers, and still others have created slideshows and imovies. In addition, the class has delivered presentations to the fifth grade classes in the Mt. View elementary school, and they are even putting ideas together for a possible school-wide assembly. It's exciting to see students take ownership of their learning and their school!



MVMS 8th Grade Hosts Energy Summit

Just recently, a multi-week, cross curricular engery unit culminated for MVMS's 8th grade students with an energy summit and debate. Mrs. Fowler's science students worked as groups to better understand a specific type of energy and then presented their findings as advocates in an energy trade fair.


Following this, students participated in an energy debate in the performing arts center. Special guests from Unity College, Siemens, and ReVision Energy were in attendance. The special guests helped to judge the 8th grade debate and in the end the winning team took home a mock check for $5,000,000 for their energy company.




Here is a video of the full energy debate:

MVMS 8th Grade Energy Debate


Student created climate change video:

Climate Change Video







MVMS Student Qualifies for Maine State Geography Bee



Marc Pomeroy, Macy Fowler, Lacey Haight, Abishai Harris, and Madeline Holmes recently competed in the school Geography Bee. These students represented the highest scorers after preliminary rounds that took places in social studies classes. They faced tough questions about U.S. and international geography, but Marc Pomeroy came out as the winner! Marc will go on to take an online test, and from there the top 100 students in Maine will advance to the Maine Geography Bee. Wish Marc the best of luck as he advances in this prestigious competition.

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Mock Democracy in Action at MVMS


Before winter break, students from Mrs. McCormick’s Social Studies classes wrapped up their Civics & Government targets by participating in a Mock Congress. Each class brainstormed ideas relevant to their lives around which to center a bill, voted on their ideas, and then sent their idea to the Revisor of Statutes (Mrs. McCormick) to be drafted into bill form.



In period three Social Studies “President Roberts” ponders signing the bill or using the VETO stamp... From L to R, Marissa Withee, Devon Rodgers, Devyn Freeman, Elizabeth Roberts.






Lydia Schofield responds to a question from the opposition during period five’s debate.

L to R (back row) Emily Palmer, Gavin Bradstreet, Gage Curtis (front row) Lydia Schofield, Vinnie Hegstrom



One class proposed a law that would allow the use of cellphones in the classroom, while the other class proposed a law that would ban the use of Facebook and social media by all minors. After choosing which side they stood on, students researched their side of the issue, and each student developed his or her own debate speech.



Calvin Jewett, ready to make a point during the cellphone debate.



The proposition team pushing to ban Facebook argued that social media should be banned for minors for reasons ranging from the fact that Facebook is platform that can be used for cyberbullying and can lead to childhood depression and even suicide, to Facebook is a tool for stalkers and predators to find information and photos of children, and could lead to child abduction.  The opposition team argued against banning Facebook and claimed that social media plays an important role as a communication tool in a modern world, and can help children stay connected with far away family and friends or stay informed about important school or sports events and announcements.


After taking part in a well-moderated debate, students had a chance to “negotiate” with each other to sway the vote in their direction, just as a real Congress might wheel and deal with one another. A teller vote, passing by our Sergeant at Arms, resulted in the passage of our bill in our Mock Congress. On to President Roberts our bill went! Here you can see her giving careful consideration as to whether she should sign the bill into law, or veto the bill.


After much deliberation, and advice from her “cabinet”, President Roberts decided it was best to sign the bill banning Facebook for all minors into law, to keep children safe. Mock democracy in action!

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