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MVMS Welcomes Veterans



With Veterans Day approaching, students at Mount View Middle School gathered in the Clifford Performing Arts Center on Thursday, November 10, to pay tribute to military veterans.


Nine military veterans, from World War II to Afghanistan, were present and thanked by the students in a ceremony. Students Emma Mcpherson and Colby Brown began the event by leading those present in the Pledge of Allegiance. Students Benjamin Heath, Sawyer Inman, and McKenzie Kunesh read essays that they wrote based on interviews they had conducted with veterans during a previous field trip to the Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor, Maine. Cassondra Heath, Jonathen Reynolds, Connor Aitken, McKenzie Kunesh, Victoria Balla, and Madeline Holmes, each shared a line from a poem, and the event concluded with Mount View Middle School’s 6th chorus, lead by Theo Van Deventer, singing “I Love This Land”.




After this ceremony, students returned to their classes for smaller conversations with the veterans. Questions and conversations ranged from the serious to the lighthearted. Holly Parker, both a veteran, wife, and parent of service member, told students about the difficulties of having a loved one overseas. “It’s tough to have family deployed. It’s easier being over there,” Parker said. Mike Whitcomb shared with students the secretive nature of his work. “We never really knew what we were doing. Our orders were just numbers and codes,” Whitcomb stated. When asked about his most difficult decision, Whitcomb described his decision about whether to reenlist or leave the Air Force. “I called home and it was -40 degrees, or I could spend six months in Nevada. It was a hard choice,” he said jokingly. Parker, an Afghanistan veteran, said that technology helped make her deployment more bearable. “I had a coffee machine, and we would get Girl Scout Cookies by the cases,” she shared.


Declan Knowlton, a 7th grader, said that, “It was really cool. We got to hear from these people about what they did.”




The veterans present were:

Bill Dorrity

Arthur Butler

Dan Myron

Mike Whitcomb

Steve Hall

Holly Parker

Anne Weinberger

Steve Shaw

Anne Hubbard


The Republican Journal included a small piece about the event in their summary of Veteran's Day activities in Waldo County. The link is included below.

MVMS Veterans Article






MVMS Students Focus on Habits of Mind

IMG 1585-2


This year a goal for MVMS will be tied to introducing students to Habits of Mind and integrating them into what we do each day. These habits of mind include things such as: listenening with understanding and empathy and resolving conflicts.


Today, students in Mount View Middle School's Advisory classes explored the importance of developing Habits of Mind. They began the period by exploring 10 posters representing ten different habits of mind in a silent expo. They then were asked to stand next to the habit that resonated with them and one that they found most difficult to accomplish.


They then split into small groups and did a word scramble with language connected to their Habits of Mind. They all shared their findings with their adviosry and created posters.


We will continue to revisit this throughout the year, so please ask your son or daughter to tell you more about the habits of mind!


IMG 1586

IMG 1596

IMG 1587

IMG 1600

MS and HS Excited About New Ropes Course

Last week staff from the Middle and High School were fortunate to receive training on our new ropes course both on the high and low elements.  The training focused on facilitating the course safely and efficiently and utilizing the course to strengthen relationships wth participants.  We spent time talking about the importance of progressing through the many elements by starting with team building activities, moving onto the low elements, and finally working through the high elements which are over 30 feet off the ground!  The three day training gave the team from the Middle and High School time to talk about how we can integrate the district’s vision, “success in learning-success in life”, into our program and also beginning to talk about incorporating this years focus on Habits of Mind.  The ropes course will give us the opportunity to blend classroom concepts with real life team building and leadership principles.



ropes 2

ropes 3

ropes 4

ropes 5

MVMS Students Enjoy Local Business Tours



On June 3rd of 2016, 7th graders from Mount View Middle School took Belfast, Maine by storm. Four groups of 7th graders ventured all over the city of Belfast to four different business locations. The businesses included Bank of America, Athena Health, FrontStreet Shipyard, and Mathews Brothers.



Business leaders at each site taught us about their career, how their normal day went, and about the skills we needed to be successful in our future. The day proved to be a very valuable learning experience for the 7th graders of MVMS. Students came away with new skills, goals and aspirations.



We would like to thank our business partners Bank of America, AthenaHealth, FrontStreet ShipYard, and Mathews Brothers for this great learning opportunity.


By- Kaylee Anderson, Mount View 7th Grader






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