MVMS 6th Grade Making a Difference



Mrs. Heard's 6th Grade Social Studies Students

Take Citizenship Seriously


After learning about the problem of food waste in general, sixth grade students in Mrs. Heard's social studies class looked inside the middle school cafeteria and discovered, to their shock, how much food middle school students throw away every day. They invited guests from the school's nutrition program, waste management system, and composting program for classroom visits to get more information about this serious issue. Then they brainstormed ways they could help solve the problem. As a direct result of their discoveries, these students are now influencing real change in the MVMS cafeteria. Wearing plastic gloves, some students are sorting lunch waste and teaching others how to separate it into the appropriate bins – compost bin for compostable foods, share basket for undamaged fruit (always wash it before eating), and trash bin for all other waste materials. Students have also made labels for the various bins, while others have designed awareness posters and informational flyers, and still others have created slideshows and imovies. In addition, the class has delivered presentations to the fifth grade classes in the Mt. View elementary school, and they are even putting ideas together for a possible school-wide assembly. It's exciting to see students take ownership of their learning and their school!



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