MS and HS Excited About New Ropes Course

Last week staff from the Middle and High School were fortunate to receive training on our new ropes course both on the high and low elements.  The training focused on facilitating the course safely and efficiently and utilizing the course to strengthen relationships wth participants.  We spent time talking about the importance of progressing through the many elements by starting with team building activities, moving onto the low elements, and finally working through the high elements which are over 30 feet off the ground!  The three day training gave the team from the Middle and High School time to talk about how we can integrate the district’s vision, “success in learning-success in life”, into our program and also beginning to talk about incorporating this years focus on Habits of Mind.  The ropes course will give us the opportunity to blend classroom concepts with real life team building and leadership principles.



ropes 2

ropes 3

ropes 4

ropes 5