MVMS Students Focus on Habits of Mind

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This year a goal for MVMS will be tied to introducing students to Habits of Mind and integrating them into what we do each day. These habits of mind include things such as: listenening with understanding and empathy and resolving conflicts.


Today, students in Mount View Middle School's Advisory classes explored the importance of developing Habits of Mind. They began the period by exploring 10 posters representing ten different habits of mind in a silent expo. They then were asked to stand next to the habit that resonated with them and one that they found most difficult to accomplish.


They then split into small groups and did a word scramble with language connected to their Habits of Mind. They all shared their findings with their adviosry and created posters.


We will continue to revisit this throughout the year, so please ask your son or daughter to tell you more about the habits of mind!


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