MVMS Students Explore Vernal Pools

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Hello, my name is Cooper Grierson, and I am a student at Mount View Middle School. On May 3rd I went on a field trip with Ms. Jennifer from Sebasticook Regional Land Trust to look at vernal pools in Freedom, Maine, along with other students from the MVMS After School Program. The vernal pools were big, small and some were deep enough to fill up one of my boots. It was a little cold and miserable having my sock soaked…but let’s get to business.


We left the school and got to Freedom in about thirteen minutes, and when we got there: 1. The weather was good, 2. The ground was not overly wet, and 3. The bugs were swarming, but we managed!  We followed a trail in the woods, and soon Ms. Jennifer spotted the first pool, so we climbed down the hill, ignoring the trail.


As we examined the pool, we found a cluster of wood frog eggs. We put it in a circular container, and as we did that someone found some more eggs. If you are wondering, the eggs need to stay in water, so we had to be careful when placing them in plastic containers. The eggs were like weak jelly, and they were attached to a stick/branch. Egg clusters need to be attached to a branch or something solid so they don’t float to the shore and die.

During our trip, we explored several vernal pools and got to see many eggs of wood frogs and salamanders. We also saw some tadpoles, a big patch of weird looking tree fungus, and a lot of other cool things. This was a nice place to go, and it was extremely fun.  Many thanks to Ms. Jennifer for teaching us about vernal pools and Sebasticook Regional Land Trust for giving us this opportunity.

P.S.  We put the eggs back into the pools so they could grow into frogs and salamanders to make another generation of amphibians.

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