MVMS Students Engage in Experiential Learning at Unity College

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On Saturday, April 9th thirty-two Mount View Middle School students boarded a bus bound for Unity College. Upon arrival, students were warmly welcomed by several Unity College students and their advisors Jen Cartier and Jeannie Hamrin.


Each MVMS student was issued their own Unity College Nalgene water bottle, name badge, and itinerary. Students were divided into two groups, each departing on their way for a day of exploration in the woods, buildings, fields, and pastures of Unity College...all considered "classrooms" at this environmentally focused post-secondary school.


MVMS students had a full day of experiential learning and group bonding. With workshops in Orienteering, Sustainable Agriculture, Challenge Course, Solar Energy and a college Scavenger Hunt...students got a real hands-on experience of what being a Unity College student looks like and feels like.


Even lunch was with other Unity College students at the Wyman about WOW! With a variety of food choices; all you can eat, ice cream bar, dessert bar, and pizza...students sat amongst other Unity College students and soaked it all in! Some quotes of the day summarized the very purpose of these college trips..."This was the best field trip I've ever been on!" "Someday, I think I'd like to go to school here!" "This is now on my list of top three schools I think I want to go to after graduation."


With many thanks to the GearUP program for making this opportunity possible for our students, Unity College staff and students for creating a fantastic itinerary that was fun and engaging, and for MVMS staff members who make these opportunities visible and attainable!


GearUP Mustangs!!!


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