MVMS Drama Performs for MVES Students

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On Tuesday, February 22nd, the 3rd Allied Arts rotation Drama 7 class performed the Chinese tale "Tikki Tikki Tembo" for the Mt. View Elementary school in the CPAC.  


Drama students experienced skill building and application of their studies utilizing diction, vocal expression and voice projection.  

They were a hard working ensemble who choreographed and performed a Chinese Ribbon Dance and instrumental accompaniment for the repeated refrain using the title character's name (a real tongue twister!)  


Elementary students actively participated singing along whenever they heard "Tikki's" name. Drama students also participated in the creation of sets, scenery and costumes. They are proud of their personal growth in public speaking, performance and ensemble. It is rewarding to witness their increase in self-confidence.  


Drama 7 productions also give elementary students the opportunity to experience live theater, practice concert etiquette and understand fairy tales, myths and fables with a tie in to literacy and habits of mind.  Theo Van Deventer is the director.


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