Students at MVMS Gear Up


Students, teachers, and staff at MVMS can be seen posing for a group photo, wearing our Gear Up t-shirts with pride!


IMG 1101


Recently, MVMS students used their extended advisory time to explore careers using the website:  Access to the materials on this site have been provided to us through our participation in the Gear Up grant program.  This grant helps foster post secondary aspirations for all students, helping us prepare them for all life will have to offer after high school.  The Gear Up grant has helped support our many efforts this year at the middle school including those related to our after school program, RTI time, and advisory (all new programs).


The virtual job shadow activity gave students a chance to answer questions about activities that they enjoy. Once the questions were answered, videos were provided that explain careers that match up with their interests.  Students will continue to be provided with chances to investigate their interests more through many other activities, including our Career Day in the Spring.


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