Student Council’s Leadership Initiative at Mt. View Middle School

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On Wednesday January 6th the MVMS Student Council coordinated a Leadership Initiative here at Mt. View.  Inspired by their experiences at a recent leadership conference at the Hyde School in Bath, ME., the Student Council members decided to bring a taste of what they found most influential and inspiring to their fellow MVMS students.  They organized events such as Making Thank You Cards for role models in our lives, Letting Go of Stereotypes with the Teddy Bear activity, and finding meaning through Inspirational Leadership Quotes.  During the morning advisory Student Council divided into three media teams to travel the school collecting footage of the excitement and experiences to present in a media production in an afternoon assembly.  As the rest of the school conducted business as usual, the Student Council members feverishly worked to plan and orchestrate the events for the afternoon assembly.  One student council member expressed through labored breath as we rushed down the hall making final preparations, “I feel so professional!”  And they were!  

The final production was nearly flawless!  As students entered the CPAC, Demi Lovato’s Confident energized the room.  The student body was pumped and excited, but eager to settle down to let events unfold.  After a hearing from our dear friend, Kid President talk about our individual responsibilities to demonstrate leadership everyday to be great, we heard from Drew Dudley in his TedTalk about “Lollipop Moments,”  that every day we impact others’ lives for the better and we may not even realize it.  We all have the power to influence the world through everyday leadership!  The Student Council then shared their media production  with highlights from the leadership activities in our own school!  One of our favorite quotes from the day was from Terrance Beaulieu.  Responding to why he chose a particular quote during the morning activity he states, “ I chose this quote because I AM someone who demonstrates what is possible for everybody to learn and be a leader and become a leader, and be proficient at helping people out.”  He’s got that right!  That was a picture perfect caption of what our vision for the day was all about...recognizing the leader within all of us and helping each other out!  


“Leadership isn’t about flying solo, it takes an entire flock to reach your destination.”


As students were dismissed from the assembly, Andy Grammar’s Gotta Keep Your Head Up lead them out the door.   Student Council members handed every passing student a lollipop as a reminder to keep on having those “Lollipop Moments!”


Lead On Mt. View!  Lead On!

We’re all in this together!

Kid President:


Drew Dudley on Everyday Leadership: