Mount View Welcomes Back Students

Mount View Welcomes Back Students

Mount View High School welcomed back freshman students on Wednesday, August 30th; this was a day filled with presentations and activities. The students began the day with a meet and greet with Mount View High School faculty and staff. Students were then expected to go to their advisories where they were able to meet with their homeroom teachers that they will have over the course of the next four years. In the advisories, students learned of their new lockers and did team building activities directed by their homeroom teacher. Students were given the opportunity to explore the high school, including having the ability to go to each of their eight classes. After lunch students did focus groups with the library, nurses, guidance, and athletics department. Within these focus groups, students learned about the different services Mount View provides. At the end of the day, all 9th-grade students were asked to come to the gym. In the gym, all 9th-grade students participated in a group activity in regards to bullying. Students realized that bullying is a prevalent issue within schools today. Students talked candidly about situations that may have happened to them. Students also talked about ways to prevent future bullying from occurring.

In addition to welcoming back the 9th-grade students, we also welcomed back the 10th through 12th-grade students on Thursday, August 31st. We had the opportunity to discuss with students the changes in the grading procedure brought about by input from students, parents, and faculty. Mount View students seemed excited about the new opportunities that the grading system brings to them. Students and parents can view these changes in the student handbook, available through the main web page for Mount View High School.

We look forward to the exciting, academically rigorous school year ahead.

Mr. Moreau (athletic director) speaking with multiple advisories about athletics at Mount View High School

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