Mount View Third grade are planning to build a storywalk at Mount View Elementary School!!!

The third graders at  Mount view school have decided to build a storywalk in the woods  behind the school,using  their mathematical skills, artistic skills, and their team work. After deciding how big we want the stands we did some problem solving and found out how much plywood we needed and how much it was going to cost.Then we found out how many posts we needed and how much that was going to cost. We are planning to buy our materials  at The Home Depot. We have given our order to Mrs. McGovern.

Once the stands are all finished and put in there places parents will be invited to come do story walks with us. Some students have drawn sketches of the book stand designs. We will power vote for our top three choices then use decision making skills to choose the best one. Remember once the stands are finished any grade can use them for story walks or anything else they have in mind.