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Ms. Bodwell's Kindergarten Class works on counting to 100!

Ms. Bodwell's Spotlight


     In kindergarten, we are working on counting by ones to 100. Each student had their own individual counting goal that they were working towards. Shown below is a picture of our hallway bulletin board. Each chart paper represents a counting goal with the names of the students working toward that goal. As they reached that particular counting goal, they were provided a sticker to put next to their name! 


bodwell 1 2017



We had four counting goals as a class; "I can count to 10", "I can count to 20", "I can count to 100 with help", and "I can count past 100". The picture below shows the goals that each specific student was working towards. Whey they reached their first counting goal, they received a sticker and moved onto the next counting goal. This chart allowed students to partner with others who were working on the same goal, as well as ask for help from those students who already reached that particular goal.


bodwell 2 2017


Mrs. Bourgeois' 4th Grade class has been learning how to set SMART goals.

S- specific
M- measureable
A- action steps
R- relevant and realistic
T- timely










We first practiced setting SMART goals and tracking our progress in a non-academic area for fun: hopping on one foot.
Then we set SMART goals to improve our MCAP scores by January.
Now learners have set SMART goals to improve their opinion writing essays.







It is so exciting to see the progress and celebrate our successes!






The Power of YET with Mrs. Thomas' class.

This is what our class wanted to share:



The Power of Yet!!!!
In our classroom we are all learning
about the power of yet! We remind each
other to say things like: I can’t do this
yet. This doesn’t work yet. I don’t know
the answer yet. It doesn’t make sense to
me yet. We might also say things like I’m
not good at this yet. We are learning that
with hard work and practice we can ALL
accomplish great things!!!




Hoots & Hollers from our First and Second Grade
O.W.L.S (Outstanding Wonderful Learners)


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