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This year at Morse School all students are participating in weekly activities focused on our Habit of Minds learning targets. Every Monday, students meet in cooperative learning groups to play games and have discussions about those important life-long skills. Our first Habit of Mind focus is Growth Mindset. Students are learning about how important is to set goals and celebrate successes along the way to meeting those goals. They will also learn strategies for maintaining a positive attitude and embracing the difference between: “I CAN’T DO IT”and "I CAN'T DO IT YET"

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Parent Involvement and Student Learning at Morse

On Friday, April 8th, the Morse PTCO hosted a Spaghetti Supper at the Varney Building. This event had several purposes. It was used as a fundraiser for playground equipment for the Morse School, as well as part of the RSU#3 district goals to increase parent involvement and showcase student learning. Parents, staff, family, and community members were present at this event. Students in grade K showcased their writing notebooks. First grade presented their plant drawings. Second grade showcased a collage from their project on China as well as the students' China booklets. Third grade presented their animal books that they have been researching over the last few weeks. Fourth and fifth showcased their Park Project Model and Erosion Science Journals.

This year is the Bicentennial of the town of Brooks, and the town wanted to involve our school. They created a contest in which every grade had an opportunity to compete. Students in grades Pre-K, K, and 1 created drawings of "What Brooks Means to Me," and students in grades 2,3,4,and 5 wrote essays about the same topic. The winners were selected and invited to participate in the annual town meeting on Saturday, March 19th, in front of town representatives, community members, the RSU#3 Superintendent of Schools, Morse School principal, and Michael Thibodeau. The winners were:

Mark Perkins - Grade Pre-K

Jordyn Cartier- Grade K

Idella Brugger - Grade 1

Hayden Miville - Grade 2

Madison Hart - Grade 3

Erika Hanks - Grade 4

Isabella Foster - Grade 5

All the drawings and essays were also displayed during the spaghetti dinner.


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