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As you enter Morse Memorial school, take a moment to observe our rather large collection of Dragon Eggs. Beware! Don’t look for too long! Legend has it that a dragon hatchling with immediately bond with the first living thing it sees. Can you imagine the trials and tribulations of parenting a dragon? Oi Vey!


Truth be told, these eggs only LOOK like dragon eggs. They were sculpted and decorated by the able hands of the second and third grade students here at Morse school. This project started many weeks ago, with a book titled A Dragon's Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans by Laurence Yep and Joanne Ryder. After weeks of becoming immersed in the magical world of the amazing Miss Drake, a dragon like no other, the students unanimously decided that they wanted to create their very own dragon’s egg. The results are dazzling, sparkling eggs of wonder. Enjoy!




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Morse Students Holiday Card Making

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Students at Morse Memorial School, spent some time before the holidays making cards.  The following day we caroled through town and delivered some of the cards!!!


This year at Morse School all students are participating in weekly activities focused on our Habit of Minds learning targets. Every Monday, students meet in cooperative learning groups to play games and have discussions about those important life-long skills. Our first Habit of Mind focus is Growth Mindset. Students are learning about how important is to set goals and celebrate successes along the way to meeting those goals. They will also learn strategies for maintaining a positive attitude and embracing the difference between: “I CAN’T DO IT”and "I CAN'T DO IT YET"

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