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Section B: Board Governance & Operations


BBA School Board Powers & Responsibilities Policy

BBA School Board Powers & Responsibilities Regulation

BBAB Student Representation on the School Board

BBAB-R Student Representation on the School Board Selection Process

BBBA Board Member Qualifications Policy

BBBAA Board Chair Term of Office Policy

BBBB Board Member Oath of Office Policy

BBBB Board Member Oath of Office Exhibit

BBBC Board Member Resignation Policy

BBBE Board Attendance Policy

BCA Code of Ethics Policy

BCB Board Member Conflict of Interest Policy

BCB Nepotism

BDA Board Organizational Meeting Policy

BDB Board Officers Policy

BDD Board - Superintendent Relationship Policy

BDE Board Committees Policy

BDEA Board Committees - Finance Committee Policy

BDEB Board Committees - Policy Committee Policy 

BDEC Board Committees - Transportation Committee Policy 

BDED Board Committees - Facilities Committee Policy 

BDEF Board Committees - Personnel Committee Policy

BDEG Board Committees - Educational Programming Committee Policy

BDEH Board Committees - Community Involvement Committee

BDEI Board Committees - Drop Out Prevention Committee Policy

BDF Advisory Committees to the Board Policy

BE Board Meetings Policy

BEB Special Board Meetings Policy 

BEC Executive Session Policy

BEC Executive Session Law Regulation

BED By-Laws of the Board of Directors Policy

BEDA Notification of Board Meetings Policy

BEDB Agenda Policy

BEDC Quorum Policy

BEDD Rules of Order Policy

BEDF Voting Method Policy

BEDFA Abstentions Policy

BEDG Minutes Policy

BEDH Public Participation at Board Meetings Policy

BFG Policy Review & Evaluation Policy

BFGA Policy Manual Accuracy Check Policy

BG School Board Policy Process Policy

BGA Policy Adoption Policy

BHC Board Communication w/ Staff Policy

BIA New Board Member Orientation Policy

BIC Board Member Freedom of Action Law Training

BIC-E Certification of Completion of Freedom of Access Training

BIC Principle Office & Records Policy

BID Board Member Compensation Policy


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