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Welcome to MSAD 3's Infinite Campus Student Information System (SIS).

The Infinite Campus Parent Portal is our tool for parents and students to access timely and secure student information such as class schedule, assignments, attendance and behavior. Campus Portal is a means to further promote educational excellence by enhancing our program of communication with parents and students.

All parents/students accessing the MSAD 3 Parent Portal automatically authorize that they have read and agree to the MSAD 3 Infinite Campus Parent Portal Access Agreement.

Parent Portal 'Access Agreement Form'

Parent Portal 'Access Request Form'


To access either the Parent Portal or the Employee Portal, please click on the corresponding icon below. Reference guides covering some of the portal modules are also available below.

The Infinite Campus Employee Portal is our tool for staff members to securely input student information such as class schedule, assignments, grades, attendance and behavior.

Parents And Students Logo                                IC - EMPLOYEES LOGO


Parent Portal Campus Overview                                 Employee Campus Overview

Portal Basics & New Account Setup                          IC Basics

Attendance                                                               Searching

Behavior                                                                    Attendance (5 Easy Steps)

Family Section                                                          Attendance Wizard

Gradebook                                                                Classroom Monitor

Reports                                                                     Daily Attendance

Schedule                                                      VIDEO TUTORIALS FOR STAFF:

Student Calendar                                                      Setting Campus Instruction as your Default Home Page

To-Do List                                                                 Take Attendance / Create Categories and Assignments

FAQ's                                                                       Understand Campus Gradebook

Manage Reset Password Options                               Understand My Curriculum in the Library


TEACHER REFERENCE GUIDES:                             

Gradebook Analysis                                                  Grading by Student (Section)

Copying Categories                                                   Enter Student Grades for a Grading Task   

Creating Assignments                                               Enable Student Submission in Assignments 

Copying Assignments                                               Scoring Assignments

Modifying Assignments                                             Scoring Student Submissions 

View all Assignments for a Section                            Commenting on Student Submissions  

Validate all Assignments                                           Multi-Post Grades            

Managing Google Drive Integration for Curriculum   












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