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The links found in the table below are intended to offer quick references and resources to those trying to learn and understand more about Public Education in the state of Maine and within MSAD 3/RSU 3 as a whole.  To the right of each resource link listed there is a brief summary of what information can be found by clicking on the link.  This information will be updated periodically in an effort to keep individuals informed of what is happening in Pre-K - 12 public education within the state of Maine.


Link                                                                     Summary                                                                                                           
Maine Department of Education

This is the Maine Department of Education Home Page.  From this 

site you can access information about what is going on across the

state in Public Education.

Maine DOE Informational Letters

This site is a link from the MDOE home page.  This site lists ALL

informational letters sent from the Maine Commissioner of Ed. to

Superintendents, Board Members, and others detailing important

notices to keep your eyes on!

Maine's New Common Core Standards

This link will take you to Maine's newly adopted Common Core

Standards in Math and Reading.  

State of Maine Legislative Link

This site will take you to the Maine Government page.  On this page 

you can search to find your representatives and senators as well as 

to follow bills that might be of particular interest to you.

MDI's "Watchdog" site

This is a link to MDI's watchdog site.  This site tracks all the 

"Happenings" in local newspapers from across the state to keep an

eye on issues that impact education.  

Prepare Maine

This site is hosted by the Maine Coalition for Excellence in Education

Its major focus is in improving our schools and helping our 

communities in ensuring ALL STUDENTS graduate from HS 

prepared for citizenship, careers, or for college!

Maine Development Foundation

This is the homepage for the Maine Development Foundation.

This group is very active in driving education policy decisions

at the State level.

Maine Children's Alliance

The Maine Children's Alliance is committed to improving the lives of 

all Maine's children, youth, and families.  Again, this group is very

active in driving education policy decisions at the State level.

Don't Know Much about History This is just a neat little article about how some feel that the study of history has become too politically correct.

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